Transport of Beer

Beer makes or breaks your party, event or festival. As the quality of every drop counts, we have specialised in beer transport. At Van Den Bosch Transporten we think your beer is just as important as the person drinking it. We gladly help you keep up your reputation of beer brewer, beer pourer or beer tapper.

Every drop is quality
- Guaranteed hygienic transport in hot or cold sterile cleaned tanks.
- Tanks arrive fully prepared at loading destination.
- Your beer remains on pressure, because we load using nitrogen or carbon dioxide gas.
- Minimum swinging. Tank content fits the quantity.
- Your beer always at the right temperature with cooled tank equipment and a direct tank to tap connection.


Festival coming up?
Ample, great tasting, cold beer at your event, that involves a lot when there are large numbers of visitors. The drivers of Van den Bosch Transporten are experts fortunately and always on site to help you. Our drivers are your extra pair of hands who help to hook up and exchange the installations. They are the extra pair of eyes to check the cooling containers (daily) and monitor proper proceedings. The guaranteed quality of your beers is in good hands with these men!

- An independent laboratory regularly tests the rinse water in the process, the composition of the cleaning products and the tank containers themselves.
- A tank is ready for loading when cleaned and pressurised with carbon dioxide gas or nitrogen.

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