Liquid Bulk Intermodal Transport

Trust your liquid transports to our expertise, we have all the knowledge, skills and experience on liquid transport. We carry liquids under pressure, for products in food, chemicals and GMP+ and will provide intermodal transport by road, rail or ship, all tailored to your needs...

Liquid food transport
Your liquid food stuffs such as beer, wine, fruit juices or edible oils can be transported in tank trailers by road of course, but have you ever thought of liquid transport by rail or over sea? Van den Bosch Transporten has liquid containers in which a load can be carried heated or cooled intermodally.


Non Food & Chemicals Transport
Over sea transport is safer and usually cheaper. And what do you think of rail transport? Intermodal transport is getting more and more important, also for GMP+ products and chemicals. Place your transports with Van den Bosch Transporten and intermodal solutions and the same equipment and the same quality standard are guaranteed just as they are for our road transport trailers.

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Trust your liquid intermodal transport to us and we’ll take your services ‘To the Next Level’.