Oils & Fats Case

Customer:                           Leading oils & fats producer
Product:  Margarine
Challenge:  Delays and waiting times reduction
Solution:  Intermodal transport with tailored equipment and centralised management

The Challenge
The customer produces margarine in Germany and Poland. Supply of the raw materials used to be by road transport and was given to different transport companies. There were often delays and waiting times due to the large number of shipments because of which the production capacity was not fully used.

Our Solution
The customer developed a drop & swap system together with Van den Bosch Transporten, delivering all bulk raw materials intermodally to a terminal near the factory. A floating stock has been created at the terminal with all products required. A site coordinator ensures transport of the containers between terminal and factory. The staff at the receiving end do not have to take care of anything, because the production planning sends orders to the planning of Van den Bosch Transporten directly. The transport planning in turn is responsible for the stock management, calculation of the optimal delivery moment and the call off of the various raw materials. The delivery reliability is high and the concept saves our customer costs in terms of efficiency, production capacity but also in terms of administrative and logistic handling.

Would you like to know how much work we can save you? Take your services “to the next level” with Van den Bosch Transporten.

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