Chocolate Case

Customer:                           Leading chocolate producer
Product:  Chocolate
Challenge:  Optimise supply chain
Solution:  On site logistics

The Challenge
Our customer´s second chocolate factory is the centre of a network of different chocolate factories. There are many transport movements between the factories as well as at the factory site. The whole logistics organisation at the site and between the factories is the responsibility of Van den Bosch Transporten. The large quantities of raw materials and semi manufactured product on site are challenging. How do we make the supply match the production process each time, how do we coordinate the loading and unloading movements and how do we minimise the waiting times on site without production suffering?

Our Solution
They are all questions we take care of gladly every day. All trailers are dropped off at the central chocolate factory and then a team of shunter drivers takes care of loading and unloading. Our drivers know the busy loading and unloading platforms to a tee and are trained in the customer´s high quality and safety requirements. Thus we create maximum flexibility, time gain and efficiency. Moreover, the safety and quality procedures are guaranteed all the time that way.

T´s crossed and i´s dotted
To coordinate this process, a Van den Bosch Transporten transport manager is on site. He plans shipments and is responsible for proper execution. His office is located at the site entrance/exit so literally in the middle of the operation. Communication lines remain short and our service of optimal quality.

Would you like to know what Van den Bosch Transporten can do for you?
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Contact Us
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Phone:   +31 (413) 217 217

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