Competitive rates based on one way use, any destination in your reach and a capacity up to 24,000 litres. These are just a few of the many advantages of flexitanks. Van den Bosch has expanded its logistic services with flexitanks. In combination with ISO tanks, we now offer you a complete solution for the shipment of your liquid bulk products.

Shipping liquid bulk products in flexitanks has grown into a popular transport mode. More and more companies choose to make use of this flexible, affordable and efficient transport solution. In addition to ISO tanks, Van den Bosch now also offers you flexitanks. From strategic locations in Europe and Africa, we ship your liquid bulk products to destinations worldwide.

Food & chemicals (non IMO)

Van den Bosch ships your liquid bulk products safely and efficiently in flexitanks. Flexitanks are suited for the transport of both your liquid food products and your liquid chemicals (non IMO). Popular export products such as oil, wine, latex and glycerine are already often transported in flexitanks. 

Flexitank features
• Capacity: 16,000 – 24,000 litres (depending on the product density)
• For single use only
• No risk of contamination
• Made of high quality material
• 100% recyclable

The advantages of flexitanks
By making use of flexitanks, you will benefit from competitive rates based on one way use. Moreover, with a capacity up to 24,000 litres, you optimize your payload considerably compared to IBCs and drums. Flexitanks are only used once, so the contamination risk is eliminated. It is also a sustainable way of transport, because flexitanks are fully recyclable.

Interested in how you can take advantage of our flexitank solution? Contact us or download the digital brochure for more info.